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I bring to my work a love of visual form and timing, two ingredients essential to my photography - great composition and the decisive moment, best exemplified by photo hero Henri Cartier-Bresson. From the oily platforms of drilling rigs to delicate moments of human ceremony as in the Baptism, First Communion or Wedding, I have drawn attention to my subjects with an aesthetic of Classic order and beauty with the dinamic open ended possibilites discovered in the Romantic energy of chance, serendipity and  with God's touch - synchronisity.

Marshalling my knowledge and experience of still photography, video, DVD authoring, print page layout, website design and site maintenance, I deliver. Following years at Allen Military Academy (Emily Lyons), Churchill High School (M. Solis), and San Antonio College (Casas and Willome), finally graduating from the Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Photography have all given me a world class training and exposure to many of the best in the photographic and design industries, such as Emily Lyons, M. Solis, Mel Cases, M. Wilome, Arnold Newman, Art Kane, George Tice, Lilian Bassman, Benjamin J. Fernandez, William Abronowitz and David Vestal.

Shooting well over a thousand portraits and commercial jobs has given me practical knowledge, experience and timing.

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